Social responsibility

As a major player in our segment, we feel that we should be aware of our responsibility, therefore we take a number of measures to try to make a difference to society. Some of these measures are the creation of the Isiflo Job and Recruitment Centre, and support for young promising athletes. Through financial support, expertise and innovation, we want to make a difference to the society around us. We do quite a bit, but want to do even more in the future!

Isiflo job and recruitment centre; our history and our collaboration

We started in 2013 under the name NAV / ISIFLO Work Training Centre, but changed our name to ISIFLO job and recruitment center in 2018. The center had developed into a recruitment base in addition to a language and work training place.

It all started as a collaborative project between Vestre Toten municipality, at NAV Vestre Toten and Adult Education, and the company Raufoss Water & Gas – now ISIFLO AS.

RWG wanted an alternative to robotic assembly or manual assembly in a low-cost country. NAV wanted an arena for "Place and train".

As an idea, following a model from a sister company in France, the center was eventually started.

Today, the collaboration has been extended to include Isiflo AS, NAV Vestre Toten, Vestre Toten Adult Education, NAV offices in Østre Toten and Gjøvik, Learning centers in Østre Toten and Gjøvik.


Our goals and values

We work based on NAV's vision: We give people opportunities

The idea is to create a good job-qualifying arena for foreign speakers and possibly others who, for various reasons, are not in work or education.

A place where you can:


Make valuable contacts with working life.
Obtain a reference for future work
Get to know Norwegian culture and working life
Train on socialization and structure
Practice language skills

Local Ambassadors

We want to support the next generation of young talent! These are people who not only stand out in both mental and physical capacity and performance, but also as positive role models for their generation.

These are our 3 local ambassadors:

Benjamin Østvold, ski jumping
Kristian Ulekleiv, speed skating
Tuva Bakkemo, cross-country skiing