Couplings from Norway!

Isiflo has manufactured couplings in Raufoss Industrial Park, Norway, since 1965. All development and production of our products takes place locally with distribution to the water and gas industry. Our production takes place with renewable energy. Everything is recycled so that there is zero emissions to the environment.

Our couplings are developed in both DZR brass and composite, they are manufactured, mounted and 100% pressure tested in our new factory at Raufoss!


Please check our FAQ before contacting us, you might already find the answer you are looking for. If not, we would love to hear from you.

Unfortunately not, max temperature for our couplings is 40℃.

If the dimension on the pipe is within the table of tolerance you’ll find in the brass coupling section it can be used on metal pipes. It is important to remember the pipe must be pulled back 2-3 mm. 

Everything but the O-ring. The O-ring should be left inside the coupling. 

It can be used on all kind of pipes as long as it’s within the tolerance of the coupling.

Yes, we always recomment the use of Support Insert with assambly of our coiplings. It ensures a stable diametre of the pipe and prevents being pulled out with escavator digging incidents.

Our Sprint couplings can be used on PE, PEL, PEH (PE50, PE80 og PE100).

Yes, Sprint can be used on operating pressure up to 6 bar (for water up to 16 bar).

Yes, with use of Adaptor 142 or Flexi Adaptor to avoid galvanic corrosion. 

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