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Clean water is vital for all living organisms on Earth. The loss of fluids during a day must be replenished preferably by potable water (drinking quality).

In addition to the life-upholding property of water, it cannot be replaced as a means in personal hygiene, rinsing water, cleaning, etc.

Water may contain detrimental micro-organisms and other elements which make it unsuitable for human consumtion and use. 

Potable water is subject to very strict requirements in terms of purifications, desinfection, treatment and distribution. In order to maintain the strict requirement and high quality of potable water, it is very important to ensure that water treatment equipment and water mains in general are in accordance with legislation and consist of suitable, approved and certified materials.

The ISIFLO Group/Raufoss Water & Gas AS develops, produces and supplies ISIFLO couplings and related products for the European water & gas distribution industry.