ISIFLEX steel pipes/galvanised pipes acording to BS 1387,
BS 3601 and BS 3602
· Steel pipes 3/8" til 4" (NS 5587)

ISIFLEX-ATU couplings are 100% end-load resistant!

· ISIFLEX-ATU couplings have a robust design and wall thickness.
All housings are 100% pressure tested.
· O- ring is of NBR (for water and gas), and HTB (for gas)
· Bolts are galvanized (2 1/2" - 4") 

Area of applications
· Cold water/potable water and gas -20°C up to +60°C (shortterm (max. one hour) up to +80°C)

Working pressure:
· Water - up to 16 bar
· Gas - up to 5 bar
· Air up to 10 bar

3/8” 17,2 mm
1/2” 21,3 mm
3/4” 26,9 mm
1” 33,7 mm
1.1/4” 42,4 mm
1.1/2” 48,3 mm
2” 60,3 mm
2.1/2” 76,1 mm
3” 88,9 mm
4” 114,3 mm









Assembly instructions:
To be observed before assembly!
Before assembly one must observe according DIN 3387 that the tube ends to be connected are free of burrs, not deformed and without threads. Coats of colours paints and contaminations have to be taken off!! Very rusty tubes have to be substituted. The joint can be used again after having substituted the moulded rubber ring.

1)  Push cone nut, locking ring, guard ring and moulded rubber ring over the end of the tube - as shown in the drawing above.

2)  Insert the end of the tube into the body of the joint. Behind the sealing chamber the tube must be insert into the body of the joint for at least 10 mm of its full outside thread. But the tube must not be inserted up to the limit stop.

3)  Push moulded rubber ring, guard ring and locking ring by hand into the sealing chamber and press!

4)  Screw by hand cone nut with body of the joint.

5)  After having screwed by hand the cone nut, tighten it with appropriate tools. Recommended turning moments: 3/8"-1"=120 Nm; 1/4"-2"=160 Nm. In order to avoid damages of the sealing neither the tube nor the body of the joint may turn during assembly. Please counterwith appropriate tools.

6)  For our flange in the execution larger than 2" please assembly correspondingly. Tighten the screws cross-wise and evenly.

ISIFLEX ATU-joints can be angled from the axle of the tube up to 3˚.
ISIFLEX ATU-joints have a tensile strength and a transversal strength.

· Norway: NBI
· Denmark: EFA
· Germany: DVGW
· Switzerland: SSVG/SSIGE

· Contact manufacturer for any questions

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